Synthetic Spun Yarn

Grey / Dyed

Spun yarn is made by twisting or otherwise bonding staple fibers together to make a cohesive thread, or "single. Spun yarns may contain a single type of fiber, or be a blend of various types. Combining synthetic fibers (which can have high strength, luster, and fire retardant qualities) with natural fibers (which have good water absorbency and skin comforting qualities) is very common..

Synthetic yarn :100% Polyester Yarns, 100% Acrylic Yarns, 100% Viscose Yarns

Synthetic Blended yarn :Polyester Viscose Blended Yarns, Polyester Cotton Blended, Polyester Acrylic Blended Yarns

Count Range: 1/8s to 1/40s (Single Ply Yarn), 2/12s to 2/52s (2 Ply Yarn), 3/10s (3 Ply Yarn)