Since its inception Shiva Group has grown vertically and horizontally through acquisitions and expansion of manufacturing base, making us one of the largest specialist composite textile units in India. Our main product lines are:

  • ✔ Polyester fibre, grey and dope dyed, different fiber lengths in 1.5 to 15 denier count, made from PET bottle waste.
  • ✔ Over 125 MT 100% polyester and polyester blended yarns in 8 to 48 NE counts as well as 15 MT worsted, acrylic and acrylic wool blended yarns for premium fabrics.
  • ✔ Non-woven fabrics, over 30 MT/day, from polyester fibre in 1.5 to 6 Denier count using needle punch technology.
  • ✔ Knitted fabrics using regenerated polyester fibre, blended fibre, acrylic fiber for fashion and sportswear.
  • ✔ Garment unit with a capacity of over 7000 pcs per day to make knitted T shirts and track suits for global markets. Computerised Juki stitching, cutting and folding machines ensure world class standards and exceptional quality.


Infrastructure is Shiva Group’s key strength and a strong contributor to its mercurial growth. From an initial capacity of 1600 spindles, Shiva Group has an installed capacity of over 160000 spindles. An integral dyeing unit with capacity of 67 MT/Day for fibre dyeing of cotton and synthetic yarn complements the spinning unit that is part of an overall composite plant equipped with latest in equipment and technologies to turn out truly world class zero defect products. Shiva Group acquisitions have proved synergistic to the company’s growth and today it meets demands of emerging markets through its state of art facilities spread across Punjab Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. A brief outline of its diverse capabilities appears below.

  • Unit 1 in Iraq-Machhiwara, has a capacity of 30 MT/day for polyester and blended yarn. Set up as Shiva Fabricators Pvt Ltd, the unit had a capacity of 1600 spindles to start with, adding more with each passing year until it reached the stupendous figure of 160000 spindles by 2013.
  • Unit 2 in Bhattian, Machhiwara, has a capacity of 18 MT/day for polyester and blended yarn, 40MT/day for filament yarn, 30 MT/Day for Non woven Fabric and 100 MT/Day for polyester fibre.
  • In 2005 the Group took over Manchanda Spinning & Weaving Mills Pvt Ltd and changed its name to Shiva Spin-N-Knit Pvt Ltd and this unit currently outputs 6 MT per day of acrylic polyester blended yarn, catering to a select market segment.
  • In 2007 the Group took over Finishing Mills, Specialty Yarn Unit at Tapa Barnala has a capacity to manufacture 30 MT/Day of acrylic-polyester blended yarn
  • Acquired Yogindera Worsted, Unit 1, Neelon in 2007 and this unit’s capacity is 15 MT acrylic and acrylic-wool blended yarns.
  • The Group acquired Yogindera Worsted, Unit 2, Ludhiana, in 2007 and this unit has a capacity of 5 MT/day of acrylic-polyester blended yarns.
  • Garment division, Ludhiana, capacity 4500 nos. T-shirts and track suits for discerning export markets. The overwhelming demand from European and American markets led us to ramp up capacity to over 7000 garments per day and today, it is our brand ambassador, showcasing all that is finest from the Shivagroup: from fibre to yarn to fabric to garments.
  • In 2007 the Group took over Hi-Tech Dyeing.
  • Himachal Fibre Ltd, Barotiwala, Solan, HP, capacity 12 MT/day polyester and blended yarn.

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